Monday, October 12, 2009

Art JourAL Mondays!! ::: With Alcohol .....INKS!!

Hey there lovlies! So it is Monday and that means its Art Journal time. ya know I am really glad I started up this little blog because it keeps me motivated. I always tinker in the studio (its just a room with my art junk in it but it REALLY does sound sophisticated when I call it a studio) but I have never went in there with so much purpose...especially on a MONDAY!!

So today I got out my alcohol inks and my black paint pen and got to work.
Firstly I simply dropped at random the alcohol inks and thenI tool a dropper filled with rubbing alcohol and watched the magic happen, they all over lapped and spread into each other! A little stamping, some stickers and a rub-on later ...viola art journal Monday is a breeze. I also added a pic of my mum. She used to sing " You are my sunshine" to me all the time. Yup even as of late and I am almost thirty .... that song still chased the clouds away!! So.... get up and go make something!!! Thanks for looking guys.

****Remember that an art journal is not something that should be over thought or over worked just play in it!! Its never gonna make it in the gallery. Try all of those techniques you've been dyeing to try. You may find yourself coming up with your own techniques!!

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