Monday, November 2, 2009

Art JourAL Mondays!! ::: Always Just a Thought Away

Hey hey there my artistas!! Okay so it is that time again another Monday another art journal entry .... its love hate for me let me tell ya because I LOVE to create but the biggest challenge is confining myself at times in a box as in: On Mondays you WILL work in your art journal...dont get me wrong it pushes me and I NEED some discipline and besides once I force myself to sit and play (sounds like an oxymoron huh?) I am in the zone and in art bliss...anyway I digress lets get to it;)
So get out your fabric paint (I chose pink and soft blue) wait hold the phone gesso that page first ::panting:: I also decided at this point to modge podge a playing card just for a little dimension.. Okay so spray away dab dab dab! Then get out a script stamp and go crazy; we are building that background. Here is the fun part...get a couple of your favorite stamps I choose a bird, a clock, a corner flourish and a vine pattern (we are going to cheat!!) Stamp these on your page and then draw over them with your black charcoal (look what I drew mom...teehee). I also heat embossed a chandelier in the far right bottom corner... Grab your spray paint I choose a silver and I placed the cap of the spray paint in random places that I wanted to peek through the spray paint. Cut a few words out of a book and modge podge those down, staple half of a prima flower to the vine, draw a few circles with a gold paint marker and VOILA your done. You got messy, you cheated a little, but you created!!! Hey what are you hanging around here for go create something ;) Thanks for looking. If you start an art journal and want to show pleas let me know!!!


  1. Jade that is such an awesome idea. To journal art. Wow! You are so awesome girl! This journal entry is amazing and gorgeous. You're such an inspiration Jade!

  2. Lovely work. I love that there are no set rules for it and just have fun with it!