Thursday, April 1, 2010

The battle of the Shimmering Mists

Hello my lovely dolls! Okay so SOMEONE haaaad to do it!! Someone had to compare the 3 or 4 glimmery mists out there and I of course was up for the challenge!! So the contenders are:

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist: 6.99/ 20z
Clearsnap Smooch Spritz: 4.49 / .37oz

Stardust MoonGlow: 3.95/ 20z

Shimmers Spray: 4.49/ 2oz

Id have to say I am a tattered angels fan between the glimmer factor and the pigmentation. Although I would'nt kick any of em outta bed!! ;)

I hope this helps if you were debating trying something new!!! Thanks for looking.


  1. I have to agree i like the tattered angels the best. Smooch is pretty good too but TA will always be my favorite :) Thanks for doing this Jade!

  2. thanks for the comparisons, jade! it's neat to see the differences between the products. (btw, congrats o making the g45 design team~so awesome!) thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day :)! *hugs* steph :)

  3. Hey, Jade! I had to stop by and "meet" my new Graphic 45 Sister!!! (Woot, Woot!!) Loving your blog... the comparison of the mists... GREAT... and that fan... OH, LA, LA! Congrats! Chat soon!!!

  4. Hey Jade, Congrats on making the design team for Graphic45! You're style is so them. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  5. Hi, Heard you made the graphic 45 team!! Good for you! Love your work. Now I like the moon glow the best! LOL

  6. Thanx for doing that little demo. I was wondering about that. With all these products out there, which is prettier with its shine and glam and I agree Glimmer Mist is my choice. Thanx