Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cards For Claudia- FundRaiser NOW ON ETSY!!!

Hey EVERYONE!!!!! Okay I have been MIA! BUT I have an excellent reason..... I have been eye deep in beautiful handcrafted Cards!!! My goodness!!! Im talking over 1500 cards (I stopped counting after 1500 ... I dont have that many fingers!!!) So they are all sorted and packaged and ready to go and you are free to purchase at your discretion! Here at my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JadedStudios....panting! There will be a vid up shortly if I can get YOUTUBE to cooperate with me... its rejected my vid 3 times!!! Anyhow!! If you have any questions let me know... Thank you so much for making this soooo BIG you guys! I have to say I am more than pleased to be exhausted because I am certain we are going to be able to help Ms. Claudia a great deal. You all are the most bestest people on EARTH!
I have to say a special thanks to Jules from the Julebox for sending me all those great supplies and a few personal friends that I tortured with stuffing packages and their continued support:
BJ Nebrida
Cindy Beaird!
Thank you guys!!!
Well what are you waiting for lets help Claudia ALREADY!!! I am going to take a nap!!!! ;)



  1. Holy Cow! You STOPPED counting at 1500?!?!?!
    Amazing. I am so proud to have been a part of this. You go take a rest girl, you deserve it.

  2. You're amazing! I only wish I lived closer to help take some of your load with this. Thanks so much! -Anna

  3. Absolutely amazing!!!! Jade. Carry on!!! Will check your Etsy.

  4. Thanks for hosting this Jade, you are an ANGEL! Best of luck with your deployment, do take care girl k? I posted a link to your blog from my blog too for this fundraiser. :-) hugs!! Ar


  6. Jade, you deserve a Mani-Pedi!!!!! ...hmmmm... I hope you had a well rested nap! You will be in my prayers while your on deployment! Love ya much and I hope to hear your voice soon!! I'll miss you bad!! Anywhoo...Your package will be on it's way by Monday, if you don't see it before you leave I hope it will be a great surprise for when you get back! xoxo Jules:) It was a pleasure:)

  7. Hi Jade,
    Are the cards that everyone made all sold out already? I followed your link to etsy and it said you have nothing for sale. I would love to
    buy a pack if you still have any??
    Hugs and what a sweet thing you have done,