Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Me--Fun Fact Friday

Okay so a friend of mine .. so "nicely" pointed out that I don't really share that much about me on my own blog!! Hmm I said your RIGHT!! So, I decided that I would start posting a fun "Jade" fact every week.  this week you will get TWO!!! Te he
1. Obviously I have no cents of time considering I have named this Fun Fact Friday!
2. I have a mega cartoon crush on Hello Kitty!!!
So if you have any questions or anything you wanna know about ME ME ME ask away!!! Luv ya's!


  1. Hi Jade! i love this idea of Fun Fact Friday :) when are the results for the graphic 45 DT? you deserve so much to stay another year in this fabulous DT...good luck :) Amélie

  2. what a fun fact to know about you Jade....considering your projects are all vintage...who would of thought you love Hello Kitty...she !!! Thanks for sharing a bit of you with us. and good luck with the G45 DT this year...dont know if the have picked the team yet !!!

  3. No cents of time or no sense of time...(smile)
    Totally enjoy your work! I wouldn't call mine a mega crush ..but I do like Hello Kitty too!
    TFS! Looking forward to the next fun fact.
    Chow for now
    Terri G.

  4. Hello Jadey Jade..Love your style through and through! How do you ever have the time to create as much as you do?..I know if I could sit in my craft room all day I would..but to work I

  5. TFS some info...Love your vids...heart your work!!! You are so inspiring, you deserve another year in G45!!! Can we vote???? Also...your art made me get some of that G45 paper!!! Love ya girl!!!