Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Secret Squirrel Cigar Box Swap Swap Swap ::Sign-Ups Closed::

Secret Squirrel Cigar Box Swap Sign-Ups Are Open SIGN UP on my Facebook page 
This is much like a secret santa swap! 
1. You will alter a cigar box 
Theme: Shabby Chic
Color Challenge: Pastels
2. You will fill the altered box with goodies and send this box off to you partner by May 1st
There will be no more than 30 participants
Once the sign-ups are closed I will assign partners randomly
You will know who your partner is BUT your partner will NOT know who they will be receiving their box from
Please be sure you are willing to commit if you sign up! Thanks Guys The video Is loading now!!

XoXo Jade


  1. Oh Jade your box is totally beautiful!!! I would love to play along!!!! Could I use another box similar to a cigar box as we don't have them in Aus unless we buy them at a genuine antique dealer...$$$ but can find nice box of similar size etc...
    Love that you are doing them shabby chic style!!!!! I don't do FB so can I sign in here???? Really hope I can join in!!! Right up my alley!!!
    Have you heard anything back re GD ???? Can you put me out of my misery???? Even if you are not meant to say a word I won't tell...promise!!!!
    Lou xx

  2. Yeah me to jade, plus im international, but dont mind paying. I carnt get a cigar box but will get a box to the same size.

    Jude Xx :-)

  3. What a beautiful box! Love the theme.

  4. Hope you are OK Darling Girl???.. I am a little worried about you.....
    Love Louxxx

  5. Oh Lou I am GREAT!!! Ive been a little MIA because its my B-Day weekend and I have been busy with eating and hanging with friends and fam ;)