Monday, October 17, 2011

Wishing You Major Mojo

Okay so I am a true lover of making cards!! When I have no mojo and I cannot CREATE.... I make cards....its a smaller space to create on and I just feel as though the sky is the limit!! I love to try new things with cards..There was a time when I would say "Im not a card maker" well guess what Im a card maker!!! Cards are one of those things that you will always need!!!!  Check out these two cards that I made using Karlas001's  yumminess AKA products (LOVE) ;)
 As you can tell on both I used Rina's baaaling ... that stuff is like craft crack I love it!!!! 
And the black crochet trim.. I die I love the stuff!!! 



  1. Hi Jade,
    Love your cards! You have been blessed by a lot of talent.
    Oh btw we live in the same state and the same town. I live in St Clair Village, just outside the Air Force Base. Small world.

  2. Gorgeous cards, Jade. Love how are you layered everything. It's so you. TFS...

  3. Stunning cards - and looking closely the detail is amazing.

    Marie x