Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shabby Chic Calendar Mini DSC Dec Swap For Rose

::Panting:: I am FINALLY done!! ;) Take a look see at the pics of my mini this is going to the world renowned Rose at Shes amazing check her out! I took so loooong on this mini and she has been so very patient with me (dont tell her...but I was scared... shes so good!!!) Anywho, also check out my youtube ( for the vid and tell me what you think!! Hey and go make something!!

These are all of the tags that I placed in the pockets behind the calendars so she could record her important monthly events
Backside of each page has a calendar much like this one!


  1. Oh my goodness, Jade this is AMAZING!!! You are such an inspiration! I adore all your work, but this is just beautiful.. love it! e.

  2. Iam definitly a fan of you!!! You and your projects are gorgeous!!! What kind of binding rings are these?? they look very cool!!! hugs doris

  3. OMG OMG OMG Jade SERIOUSLY! I totally love love love your style in vintage mini's all your work is beyond words. I am so in love with vintage things so please if you have any little spots that you buy stuff from please let me know since you can not get vintage anything at scrapbook stores. But the calender you did is priceless and i cant believe you said you were scared WHAT girl you are crazy you got mad mad skillz LOL!!! Now let me go so i can create LOL!!!!!!!!!

  4. SUPER amazing, gorgeous, classic & beautiful... but that doesn't even sum it up to give it justice!!! I looooove it Jade!

  5. I am more of an art journal type of gal, but after seeing your Shabby Chic Calendar...well, I think I make take up scrapbooking (or mini album making; whatever you call it)! ;-)

    Very pretty!

  6. It is an awesome work you have done there, can't believe what I am looking at, totally awesome! Love the little bicycle chipboard... everything work so well together and in such details.


  7. I just have to say I love love love this mini, you did an AMAZING job, i watched your video(s) about 6 times. You are sooo talented. Thanks for sharing your work, and keep on going.