Saturday, January 30, 2010

This card business isn't so bad after all!!!

Hey girl hey! So if any of you watch my videos then you know good and well that I do not make cards, for some reason I got it in my little head that I am no good at it. Weeeelllll I may have caught the bug because after the last card that I made I have been tinkering around AND LET ME TELL YOU, I see the attraction ..... you can bust these little babies out in NO TIME! Oooooh the sense of accomplishment is ASTOUNDING!!! I dont know about you but it takes me weeks to make a mini album! So when I sat down last night and completed two cards in an hour I was literally brimming with JOY!! So I thought Id share.....the first one is made from my cricut cartridge sentimentals and the second is just some scraps I had left over from my last mini!!


  1. Hi Jade. Oh my! This is so lovely! You're so right. Go for short projects for instant gratification! Looking forward to see more! :) xxx

  2. Wow, Jade. You did an awesome on these cards. I love the vintage feel to them. I love doing cards myself. Great job!!

  3. Hey Jade! Girl I didn't kow you had a blogspot! I love it, it looks like you..I mean your style..yeah!

    Anyways, the cards baby are damn good looking! I love them, so "Jaded"..haha!

    I don't make cards either and I am terrified to make some, one at least! I alter some but not that great at it either! Well I love yours, came out to freakin' awesome ma'dear!

    I think my favorite is the Be yourself one...I gotta keep telling myself that! I try to be anyways. :)

    Ok, Catch'ya later!

    xoxo Jules :)

  4. These are gorgeous. Awesome work :)